Card Pass

Card Pass is one of the fun kids indoor party games and fun preschool games.

The fun race can be played outdoors as well.

Another fun activity where legs aren't used!

Though it may sound easy, this game isn't!

Kids will need good critical thinking and coordination skills to get the cards passed down the line correctly.

You'll find it's easy to forget which hand is being used and whether it's passed in front or in back of you!

That's the fun of this! Laugh with your friends as you test your coordination.


8 or more players
Ages 4 and up
Need: deck of cards


Begin by dividing the kids up into groups with the same number of players. Each team chooses a leader.

The players on each team sit on the floor to the leader's left. Divide the cards up and give each team 26 cards.

These are placed beside the team leader.

An adult calls out, "Ready, set, GO!" and the team leaders begin passing cards, one at a time, down the line.

The cards can only be passed with the players using their right hands in front of them.

When the last player in line receives a card, he then passes the card back using his left hand.

The other players also use their left hands to pass it back.

This time, cards are passed behind the players' backs.

Once the card is passed back to the leader, she puts the card in its own stack then passes another card down in front of her using right hands only.

The card is then passed back using left hands and behind the players' backs.

Play continues until all 26 cards have been passed down and back. The first team to do this wins.

You can also switch up and pass with your left hand in front of you and your right hand behind you.

Have fun!

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