Card Match

Card Match is one of the fun card games for kids and fun party games.

The object is for the players to find hidden cards that are exactly like the cards they're holding.

Before the play begins, an adult hides one deck (52 cards) in places around a room.

This could also be played outside in a yard or park if there are enough places to hide the cards.

Think twice about playing on a windy day, though, as the cards could blow away!

Then you could make up a new activity and have the children track them down!

Make sure the room is big enough for the kids to move around and find the hidden objects.


2 or more players
Ages: 4 and up
Need 2 decks of cards


Kids are divided into 2 teams with the same number of players.

If there are an odd number of players, one kid can volunteer to sit out this round and play in the next one.

The adult separates the 2nd deck into red and black cards. Each player on one team gets a red card, and each player on the other team gets a black card.

Players search the room trying to find the card they have in their hands.

When they find it, they take it to the adult who gives them another card. They then try and find that card.

Once all of the cards in the 2nd deck have been played, and all these cards have been found, the team who found all of them is the winner.

You can also set a time limit. The team who has found the most cards when the time is up is the winner.


Another option is to lay the unused cards face down on a table instead of an adult handing each one out.

The kids can run to the table, pick a card, and then go and find it.

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