Candy Science Game

The candy science game is one of the fun chemistry experiments and food games for kids.

These are activities kids can play at school in science class or at home.

M&Ms are a popular candy for both kids and adults.

This experiment turns the shell from hard to soft, and you'll see the M&M lose its color


Need: M&M's, white paper towel, plate, teaspoon


Cut the paper towel into a circle shape, 6 inches across. If you don't have paper towels, you can substitute napkins.

Place the towel on the plate in the middle. Take one M&M and put this on the paper towel, right in the middle.

Take the spoon and put a little water on it.

Hold this over the candy and let a drop of water fall on to the M&M.

Do a few more drops of water until the candy is very wet and the area around the candy is wet.

Observe this over the next few minutes. You should see color appearing in the water around the candy.

When you eat the M&M, the shell should be soft and not hard anymore.

Put two or more M&Ms side by side and then put a drop of water over each one.

Watch as the colors blend into each other.

You can also pick up a bag of Skittles and try the experiment with that candy.

Enjoy the candy science game!


This is a good experiment for mid elementary school-aged children in grades 2 through 6.

CD Game

Observe neat colors in a cool CD science activity.

It's one of the fun science and discovery activities kids can play at home or in the classroom.

Before You Start

Need: one CD, flashlight, one piece of white paper


Get you CD out of the case and just hold it in your hand. If it's daylight and sunny, take it and stand by the window.

Turn it over to the side without a label on and just observe it by the window. Move it around in your hands.

You should see lots of colors appearing as you move the cd!

If you're doing this at night, stand in a dark room with a flashlight. Shine the light on the CD and observe the colors.

Then take your white paper and place it behind your CD as you stand by the window or shine the flashlight on the CD.

You should see colors appear on the white paper!

Play around with it by moving the cd in your hands, getting closer and then further away from the paper and see how the colors change!


For in class science activities, have the kids write down all the colors they see while shining a flashlight on the CD in a dark corner of the classroom.

Then have them hold the white paper by the CD and get them to write the colors they see.

Have them compare the two to see if one or more colors are prominent in each separate experiment.

Parents can do this at home with the kids, too.

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