Buzz game

Buzz game is one of the fun math games for kids, and a cool concentration game!

It's fast paced and lets kids show off their love of numbers.

Arithmetic is a skill that's needed throughout life, so find fun and interesting ways to incorporate this, and the kids will be willing and able learners.

Don't let math scare you off from having fun and playing this!


2 or more players
Ages 8 and up
Need paper and pencils to keep score


Players get into a circle and begin counting in sequence.

Play goes around to the left. Each player shouts out one number when it's her turn.

If a multiple of 7 comes up, or a number with a 7 in it, that number has to be replaced with "buzz!"

Example, "4", "5", "6", "buzz!" "8", etc. The next numbers to be buzzed are 14, 17, 21, 27, 28.

When play reaches the numbers in the 70's, all of these are buzzed.

And, any numbers, such as 70 and 77, which are multiples of 7 and have a 7 in it are "double buzzes".

This is very fast paced.

If a player takes too long, misses buzzing, or buzzes at a wrong place, he is penalized, and you start over by a player calling out "one".


This can be played until "100" is reached. The player with the least amount of penalty points wins.

If "100" seems to take too long to reach, elimination points can be assigned to each person.

If, say, a player receives 3 penalty points he will be totally out, and the last player still playing is the winner.

You can also play by having the person who messed up be out.

The last person remaining wins. We hope you have a great time beating your friends!

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