Bunny Hop

Bunny Hop is one of the very fun outdoor relay games kids will love.

The fun kids activity lets children get up and move and hop like a rabbit!

This is a very cute activity for little kids! They'll have a great time with their friends.

Before You Begin

4 or more players
Ages 4 and up
Need: chalk or sticks to make a line


Begin by making a starting line and a finish line about 20 feet apart. Divide the kids up into teams.

If there are at least 8 players, you can make 2 teams of 4 or 4 teams of 2.

Decide based on the age of the kids and the skill level of each one.

Each team is lined up behind the starting line, in single file order.

The leader calls out, "Get ready, get set, GO!" and the first player on each team begins hopping like a bunny towards the finish line.

Once he reaches the finish line, he turns around and hops back, crossing the starting line. Once he crosses it, the next player goes.

Play continues until one team wins with its last player hopping across the starting line.


You can definitely play this at school or in your classroom. Get the kids active and moving and let them enjoy having fun!

For older kids to make it more challenging, tell them they have to jump at least 3 jumps on the same leg as they jump along the line.

Or if that's too hard make it two jumps on each leg.

This definitely brings coordination into play and isn't as easy!

Another variation is to have them jump backwards.

They can use both feet, one foot, or alternate one and two feet.

Have fun jumping around like a rabbit!

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