Brother Jonathan

Brother Jonathan is one of the blacktop games kids will love as it involves coin flipping.

Ask your parents if they played this while they were growing up.

Chances are they did!


2 or more players
Ages 8 and up
Need: Pennies and chalk


Begin with drawing the playing board. It should be rectangular shaped and about 4 - 5 wide by 7 - 8 feet long.

Draw a line about 24 inches on the inside of each corner of the rectangle. One end will then be divided into 5 even lines going across.

Next, between each of the lines make boxes. You will need 20 boxes. Then number, randomly, the boxes from 1 to 20.

Make sure your number boxes are different sizes.

Smaller numbers should be placed in the larger boxes and higher numbers placed in the smaller boxes.

Each player receives the same number of coins.

A player begins behind the first line away from the numbered boxes. He tosses his coin towards the numbered boxes.

If a coin lands outside the boxes or on a line, no points are given.

Each player continues tossing coins and receiving the number of points where his coins land.


You can set a score and the first player who reaches this score wins.

Or you can set a time limit and whoever has the highest score at the end of that time, wins.

If you have a lot of kids playing, you can break them up into an even number of players in 2 different teams.

Or, if you have 4 players, you can have two teams with 2 players.

For an elimination event, you can pick out two numbers.

Players whose coins land on one or both of those numbers will be out.

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