Broom Hockey

Broom Hockey is one of the fun playground games and blacktop games for kids to play.

Safety first! Never touch another player with the broom.

When running, hold your broom close to your body so it doesn't get close to another player.

Before You Play

2 or more players
Ages 8 and up
Need: brooms, chalk, jar lid


Make the playing field with chalk, about 80 feet long and 35 feet wide.

Make 2 goal lines at the ends of the field, in the middle, about 5 feet wide each.

A lid can be used as the puck. Make sure it's not a hard lid so players won't get hurt if they get hit by the lid.

Divide the kids up into 2 equal teams.

Each team lines up behind a goal line and chooses a player to act as the goalie (the person who tries to prevent the opposing team's puck from getting between their goal line.)

One player from each team gets in the middle of the field, about 5 feet apart.

The puck is placed between them.

After hearing "Go!", the players use their brooms to get the puck and move it down the field to the opposing team's goal line.

The puck is passed from teammate to teammate using the broom while the team without the puck tries to intercept it.

The puck must be continuously in motion. No hands or feet can be used to move the puck along, only brooms.

Fouls occur when a players touches an opposing team's player. When fouled, the opposing team gains control of the puck at that exact spot.

When a puck is put between the goal lines of the opposing team, the scoring team gets one point. Play begins anew in the middle of the field.

If a goal is missed, the opposing team is now in control of the puck.

If a puck goes out of bounds, the team who did not have control of the puck last gets the puck.

Play continues until either a preset time elapses (at which point the team with the most points wins) or until a preset number of points is reached.

The team who reaches the specific number of points wins broom hockey.

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