Bouncing Egg

Create a bouncing egg with one of the easy science experiments and fun food games for kids.

Kids science activities should always be supervised by an adult.

This is good for home or in school science class.

Before You Start

Need: one egg and glass of vinegar.


Fill the glass about 3/4 full with vinegar. There should be enough vinegar so the egg is covered without it spilling out of the glass.

Set the glass aside for one week (7 days).

After 7 days has passed, get a bowl then remove the egg from the vinegar. Hold the egg about 7 inches above the bowl. Let go!!

Your egg should bounce back once it hits the bottom of the bowl.

It's advisable to use a bowl just in case the egg splatters.

Vinegar is an acid while the egg shell is calcium carbonate. The egg shell goes soft when submerged in vinegar.


Use this for elementary school science classes and also early junior high classes.

Take the time to tell the students the make up of the egg, its shell and the vinegar.

Depending on the size of your classroom, you may want to give each student his or her own egg to experiment with.

You can even hold a team activity, seeing how many students' eggs do not crack when bounced.

The winning team will be the team with the most uncracked eggs.

Or let each student bounce his egg individually to see if it cracks.

Have fun with the bouncing egg!

Candy Experiment

One of the easy experiments that kids can do with friends or at a party.


Need: jelly beans - 2 each of the same flavor, paper towels, 5 small dixie cups, sheets of note paper, pens or pencils


Get one paper towel for the number of kids that are playing. On each towel, write the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Number each cup individually from 1 to 5. Give each child a note paper and pen.

Place a jelly bean above each number on each kid's towel.

In the cups, place the same flavors of jelly beans, but mix them up. Don't put the jelly beans in the cups in the same order as you placed them on the paper towels.

Have a sheet of paper visible to all the kids listing the 5 different flavors of jelly beans they will be eating.

Begin by having the kids eat the 1st jelly bean then write the flavor they think it is down on the note paper.

Continue until they have eaten and written down all 5 of the jelly beans.

Next you will have the kids taste the jelly beans in the cups. Each child will close her eyes.

Hand her a jelly bean from the first cup.

After she eats it, ask her what flavor she thinks it is and write this on her note paper for her.

The play continues until each child has eaten all 5 flavored jelly beans from the cup.

Usually what happens is - if you can't see what you're eating, you often get the flavor wrong!

The End

See who got the most right! The winner gets a prize.

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