Bounce Ball

Bounce Ball is one of the fun teen games and tennis games for kids.

This is one of the good blacktop and playground activities for kids through teenagers.

Get off of your computer, put down the videos, turn off the cell phone and get outdoors to play with your friends.

Before You Start

4 or more players
Ages 8 and up
Need: tennis ball, chalk


Make a playing area with chalk 30 by 30 feet. Have all the players stand inside the playing area.

One player gets the ball and begins by throwing it into the air as high as he can.

The other players scramble to try and catch the ball on its way down.

The player who catches the ball has to bounce the ball on the ground towards one of the other players, hoping to hit him.

Players can maneuver however they want to avoid being hit by the bouncing ball. They cannot step outside the playing area.

If a player is hit by a ball that has bounced once, he is out of that round and leaves the field.

Players may catch the ball after it bounces once. If someone catches it, all players are safe for a moment.

If the ball bounces twice or goes out of the playing area, the ball is up for grabs by any player.

If a player is hit before the ball bounces, the thrower and player hit by the ball are both out.

A player who is out for that round has to throw the ball in the air before she leaves the field so play can continue.

The winner is the last person standing in the playing area. Good luck being the top player among your friends.

No roughhousing! If another player is about to catch the ball, let him!

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