Botticelli is one of the fun teen games to play. It's one of the neat guessing games.


3 or more players
Ages - teenagers


Begin with one player starting the game by thinking of a famous person (the "picker"). He tells the other players the initial of the famous person's last name.

The famous person must be able to be recognized by all players. Fact or fictional is fine. The more common the letter of the last name, the harder this will be!

The other players have to ask questions, one at a time, to discover who the famous person is.

First, think of a person with the same initial as the famous person. Then, ask a question that describes this person, but don't use her name.

Example, if the famous person is Pink Panther and the player asking the question thinks of Peter Pan, he can ask, "are you able to fly?"

The picker now can guess who the player asking the question is thinking of. The player asking the question wants to confuse the picker so he doesn't answer correctly.

The picker can say, "No, I'm not Peter Pan", then another player gets to ask a question.

But if the picker doesn't know who the questioner is talking about, the player asking the questions tells him who he was thinking of. He then asks another question that can be answered yes or no.

Sound confusing? It gets easier the more you play!

After the yes or no question, the questions become less specific again. Each time the picker doesn't guess the person the questioner is thinking of, he has to answer another yes or no question.

Questions can then get specific to help guess who the famous person is. If a player guesses who the famous person is, he has to wait until his turn.

He then asks a question, "Are you a cat who is pink and starred in movies?" The picker has to say, "Yes, I am the Pink Panther."

This player wins that round of Botticelli and gets to be the picker for the next round.

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