Books of the Bible Games

Books of the bible games and activities offer parents, Sunday school teachers, CCD teachers and elementary school religion teachers opportunities to foster learning and creativity in children while allowing them to grow in their knowledge of faith and the biblical.

Some of these use common items found around the house or school while others require some inexpensive supplies such as construction paper or computer paper.

The printable biblical play ideas on this page and the next 7 pages offer creative venues, free bible games, and vacation bible school games kids will love.

These can also be played at home anytime throughout the year.

It'll give kids a fun way to learn about the Book and biblical characters. Have fun as your kids learn more about their favorite parts of the Book.

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I Want To Learn More

Need paper, pencils, small basket

This is one of the good biblical play ideas for a group of religious school kids or Sunday school kids.

Give each child a slip of paper and pencil. Have him write down one thing he wants to know more about in the Bible. Collect all the papers, place them in the basket and have each child draw one slip of paper and read what it says out loud. The kids must research what is on their paper and tell the other kids next week. This helps foster learning on all aspects of the Book.

Biblical Trip

8 or more players

This is one of the books of the bible games that is also fun played in the car on long family vacations! Start with the letter A. The leader begins and says, "I'm going on a trip to Florida with Aaron."

The child sitting to her left takes a turn using the letter "B" and says something like, "I stopped at a restaurant to have lunch with Bathsheba". The next child uses the letter "C" and so on until all the letters of the alphabet have been used. This is a fun creative activity that fosters fun and learning in kids as they tell a story with biblical cast members.

Biblical Words

4 or more players
Need whiteboard, marker

This is one of the fun biblical ideas. The leader writes a word related to the Book on the board, for example, Jesus. Line the kids up. The first child in line forms another word out of the letters J-E-S-U-S and writes it either up or down the board. The next child then makes a new word out of the first or second words on the board. Play continues until all kids have taken a turn or the board is filled up!

Alphabet Thanks

This is one of the books of the bible games that is a good activity for larger groups. Start with the letter "A". Pick a child to go first. She must think of something she is thankful for that begins with that letter. Each child takes a turn until all the letters have been used. You can also do this and ask each child to pray for someone or a situation or event that begins with that letter.

Match Me

6 or more players
Need index cards, pen

Take 20 index cards and write the same biblical word, phrase or event on 2 cards. You'll end up with 10 different words or phrases. Shuffle one group of 10 cards and spread out face down on the floor or table. Shuffle the other group of 10 cards and do the same. The first child goes up and turns over 2 kids, one from each pile. If the 2 words match, she keeps the cards. If they don't match, they are placed back in their piles and shuffled again. The game is over once all the cards are matched up.

Christian Words

4 or more players
Need paper, pencils, stopwatch

Give each child a sheet of paper. Have him write "Christian" at the top of the page. At "go" the children must make as many new words from "Christian" as they can until 3 minutes is up. The child with the most words wins and gets to share his words with the others. This is one of the books of the bible games that lets you talk about what it means to be a Christian and ways to act to show they follow Jesus.

Basketball Game

8 or more players
Need bible trivia book, basketball

This game needs to be played in a basketball court. It's one of the fun bible trivia games for children.

Divide the kids into 2 equal teams. The first kid on team 1 is read a trivia question. If he answers correctly, he gets to shoot a basketball trying to get it through the hoop. If he does, the team gets 1 point. Team 2 then goes. Play continues with each team alternating. One to three rounds may be played depending on the number of kids on each team. The team with the most points after all rounds is the winner.

Pray For Others

This is one of the books of the bible games and a family activity that helps to teach children that God loves everyone and we are all created equal and special in his eyes.

Once a day or once a week when you are out with your child (in a restaurant, the mall, a park, before or after school) have your child pick out one person and pray for that person.

Talk about how God watches over every one of us every day and how God prays for us all the time. Say how your child praying for that person is letting your child see that person through God's eyes.

Enjoy playing books of the bible games with your child, your class of kids or your classmates. Let your love of the bible show and grow.

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