Blue Things

Your child can point out blue things to reinforce his understanding of the color.

This is one of the good educational and preschool kids games, and fun learning games for kids.


2 - 5

How to Play

When you're outside, out shopping, or in the house, ask your child to point out everything she sees that is blue.

She may not be aware of all the shades of blue, so this is a great time to help her learn the different blue colors.

Give her different blue crayons and paper and let her draw a picture.

Show her the blue sky. Look for blue birds in your yard.

Maybe she, her brother or her dad have blue eyes.

Talk about how the ocean water is blue. Take her to a swimming pool and show her the blue lining.

Drive by a sparkling blue lake.

Tell her the two colors that make blue and give her two crayons so she can color and see for herself.

Does he have a favorite piece of blue clothing? Why does he love blue so much!

If blue wasn't his favorite color then what would it be?

There's blue gatorade, blue M&Ms and blue jelly beans, too. Lots of blue things!

Boys aren't the only ones who love this color! Girls do, too!

Did you ever notice how your child's blue eyes look even more blue when he or she is wearing the color blue?

Give her all the different blue crayons to color with. She'll see the various shades of blue from light blue to deep royal blue.

Fun Collage Making

This activity teaches children colors.

It's one of the fun craft and learning activities for kids.

Before You Start

Ages 2 - 5
Need: newspapers or magazines, one piece of construction paper, glue

Let your child pick out a pretty color of construction paper. Ask her if she knows what color it is. If she doesn't, tell her.

Ask her to name two colors. Then go through papers and magazines together to let her pick out pictures that are that color or have a lot of that color in them.

Cut them out for her and help her glue them on the construction paper.

When she's done, that will be her collage of her two favorite colors.

construction paper purple, blue, green, yellow, gold, rust and pink

When she's looking at the pictures, explain what the other colors are when she sees them.

Help her understand that one color has various shades to it.

Point out the various shades of the two colors that she has chosen.

If you have crayons, give her light and dark shades of her two colors.

Let her color to see the differences in color even though they are the same color!

Have her mix the two colors she picked by coloring over one of them with the other color. See what new color she makes.

Look through his wardrobe for various shades of the same color. Explain how they go together. Ask him why the two colors he picked are his favorite colors.

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