Blind Mans Bluff

Blind Mans Bluff is one of the fun kid games and child party games.

Little kids will love this children's classic.

Played for years and years, it's one of the fun filled activities kids will pass on to their kids.

Players rely on their sense of touch to uncover who it is standing in front of them.

It's not easy!

But the children will feel a sense of accomplishment when they can identify a buddy of theirs.

It also gives the players a greater sense of appreciation for their gifts of sight.

The Pre-Show

6 or more players
Ages 4 and up
Need: bandanna or scarf


Begin with an adult or older child who's the leader blindfolding one player.

The other players form a circle, and the blindfolded player stands in the center of the circle.

The players in a circle hold hands and begin walking clockwise until the blind man claps his hands 3 times.

The circle stands still, and the blind man points his finger.

The player he ends up pointing at has to walk up to him in the center of the circle.

The person can not speak as the blindfolded player could more easily identify him.

The blindfolded player, using his hands, touches the player's face, hair and clothes and tries to guess who it is.

He gets 2 guesses (if there's less than 6 players, he'll get one guess).

If the blindfolded player guesses who the player is, that player is the new blind man.

If he guesses wrongly, he remains the blind man until he guesses another player correctly.


You can also play where the blindfolded child gives up being the blind man if he guesses incorrectly.

That way, more kids will get a chance to be the blind man.

Each child should get to play the blindfolded man at least once in the play.

Have fun playing this!

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