Black Bug

Black Bug is one of the fun elementary games, outside and inside games for kids.

No real bugs are used to play this!

It's just the name of a fun activity that's been around forever.

This is also one of the cool play ideas for kids that can be played in a gym.

This is a classic kid activity that's been around a long time!

Your parents probably played this as youngsters.

This is a great play idea for young kids as it teaches them hand-eye coordination and concentration.

It fosters creativity as it lets the player think of fun ways to bounce the ball.

Before You Start

1 or more players
Ages 4 and up
Need: soft kick ball


One player begins by singing:

"Big bug, sitting on a rug
I one it
I two it
I three it
I four it
I five it
I six it
I seven it
You ate it!"

After each line after "sitting on a rug" the player must perform a different bounce for each number.

She can dribble, bounce and clap, bounce and turn around, bounce the ball off of a wall, bounce it under her leg and any other way the player knows how to bounce a ball.

If more than one player is playing, the winner will be the player who makes it all the way through the rhyme without making a mistake on her bounces.

The player doesn't want to do the same move after saying each line, so she can think of lots of different ways to bounce the ball.

Pre-school and the younger grades of elementary school can play this for a recess break activity or include it in their gym curriculum.

It gets tricky to think of a new way to do the tricks and do the correct number of bounces as the numbers get higher.

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