Bingo is one of the fun child party games, camping games and matching play ideas.

You can purchase sets at stores or make your own.

Before You Start

3 or more players
Ages: 5 and up
Need paper, pencils, bowl, coins, buttons or candy


To make one, you'll need 75 small paper scraps. On them you write numbers 1 to 75. Numbers 1 - 15 will have a B in front of them.

Numbers 16 - 30 will have an I, numbers 31 - 45 will have an N, numbers 46 - 60 will have a G, and numbers 61 - 75 will have on O. Put all these into a bowl.


Each player makes a card by making a large box on paper. Then make this large box into 25 squares.

Five squares going across and 5 squares going down.

Across the top of the square, place the letters B - I - N - G - O.

Then under B, place 5 numbers between 1 and 15 lowest to highest down the paper.
Under I place 5 numbers between 16 and 30 lowest to highest down the paper.
Under N place 4 numbers between 31 and 45 lowest to highest down the paper. The center square is marked "Free".
Under G place 5 numbers between 46 and 60 lowest to highest down the paper.
Under O place 5 numbers between 61 and 75 lowest to highest down the paper.


Each player then gets coins, candy or buttons, whatever will be used to cover the numbers on their cards once the numbers are called.

Each player puts a marker on his "free" space.


The caller then pulls a paper from the bowl and calls that out. For example, "B 5".

Every player who has "B 5" on his card, places a marker over the number 5.

Play continues with numbers being called and players covering that number if they have it.


When a player gets 5 numbers in a row, horizontally or vertically, or 4 numbers diagonally, he shouts "B-I-N-G-O". He wins that round.

If more than one person has Bingo, the player who calls out first is the winner.

The last round can be played to fill up the whole card. The first player to do this wins.

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