Bible Games For Kids

Bible games for kids help children to grow in their knowledge of biblical stories and characters through individual and team activities, learning and team building games.

Parents and religious education teachers will find ideas for teaching kids about the bible through indoor and outdoor activities designed to expand their knowledge of themselves, their classmates and the Book.

The printable bible games can be printed out and taken anywhere.

The free online bible games let you teach kids with fresh ideas every week or month. Have fun with these bible games for kids.

Who's Missing?

8 or more players

This is one of the bible games for kids that can be played indoors or outdoors. Kids close their eyes then an adult leader taps one kid on the back who leaves the room or hides away from the other kids if playing outside.

The kids open their eyes and the leader picks one child to say who's missing. Talk about the lost sheep parable and how Jesus is always on the lookout for the lost and wants to gently bring them back to Him. Even if we stray, Jesus always know where we are at.

We're United

6 or 8 players
Need boxes, stopwatch

This is one of the fun biblical play ideas played in teams. Divide the kids into 2 equal groups. Give a box to each group. Each group has to fit into their box and stand in the box for 2 to 3 minutes without touching each other. Once the time is up, discuss how difficult it is to stand by yourself when you follow Jesus and how the support of friends and family help strengthen you and make the journey a little easier.

It's True, Not!

6 or more players
Need index cards, pen

Beforehand, make up 12 to 15 index cards. On each card write either a correct short bible verse or an incorrect verse. You can divide the kids into 2 teams or have them take turns. Shuffle the cards, place them face down, and the first child pulls a card from the pile, reads it, then states whether the verse is correct or incorrect. If incorrect, have the child say why it is incorrect.

Prayer Papers

This is a nice family activity to do at home. Cut 30 or 31 paper strips out of computer printer or notebook paper (enough for the number of days in that month). On each slip of paper, have your child write a name or thing down on the paper. Fold it in half and place it in a bowl or small basket.

After all slips of paper have been folded, have your child pull one out. The name or thing (situation) on the paper is the name or thing your child will pray for throughout the day. The next day, he or she pulls another slip of paper. You may save the pulled papers for the next month or make new ones each month.

Jesus Calms the Water

6 or more players
Need construction paper, crayons

Have each child draw a picture of Jesus as he calms the seas. After they are done, have each child tell about his picture. This is one of the bible games for kids where you can talk about how Jesus is the calm in our lives and how we can turn to Him when we have storms in our lives and He will calm us and give us peace.

Noah's Ark

6 or more players
Need book with animal pictures, construction paper, animal stickers

Give each child a piece of paper and stickers. Let him draw an ark and place his animals in the ark. After everyone is done, let them tell about their drawing. This is one of the bible games for kids where you can talk about Noah and how he built his ark under God's guidance and lovingly led 2 animals of each kind into the ark to protect them and keep them safe in God's care. Open the animal picture book and point out some animals, asking the kids to tell you the name of the animal and whether Noah took them on his ark.

Helping Hands

6 or more players

Divide the kids into 2 even groups. One child from each team lays on the ground. The other teammates come over to him, help him up and walk him to the other side of the room.

Discuss how good samaritans help others in need, and discuss the parable of the good samaritan. This is one of the bible games for kids where you can talk about how Jesus helps us when we are in need and wants us to encourage and help others in need the way He does.

Give Thanks

8 or more players
Need small ball, music

Have the kids sit in a circle. Play praise and worship music and pass the ball around the circle. Stop the music. Whoever is holding the ball has to stand up and say one thing that she is thankful for. Play continues for as long as you want to play.

You can also play this game as musical chairs, putting out one less chair than there are kids. The music starts and the kids walk around the chairs. When the music stops, they have to sit in a chair. The kid left standing says one thing he is thankful for.

Lead or Follow

6 or more players

Divide the kids into pairs. One will be Jesus, the leader, the other will be the follower. Jesus will do actions (smile, laugh, wave his hands around) and the follower will have to do everything He is doing.

Talk about leaders and followers, if it's easier or harder to be a leader or easier or harder to be a follower. Talk about those who follow Jesus - is it easy? Is it hard? Why or why not?

Have fun playing the bible games for kids. Enjoy learning more about the bible, characters in the bible and events that shaped our world today.

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