Bible Games For Children

Bible games for children are good for fostering teamwork, creativity, and research skills for kids to let their faith and knowledge grow.

Vacation bible school teachers, and Sunday school and CCD teachers are always looking for ways to stretch the kids' minds and find new ways to make biblical learning fun.

These kids biblical play and study ideas help make holding their attention a little easier.

Have fun playing these throughout the year.

Find the Verse

8 or more players

Have the kids sit in a circle with their bibles. Beforehand, write verses or verse numbers on slips of paper. Fold these up and put in a bowl or small basket. Draw a slip of paper and read what's on it.

They have to race to find that verse or verse number in their bibles. Once they do they raise their hands. The first player to find it reads the verse outloud.

Talk with them about what the verse means. Play continues until all slips of paper are drawn.

God's Web

10 or more players
Need yarn

Have the kids stand in a circle. Pick a child to go first and hand him the yarn. He says a bible name, phrase, object or event beginning with the letter "A". He then holds the end of the yarn and walks the yarn to another child and loosely wraps it around the child's waist.

That child names a person or event beginning with "B". She then walks the yarn over to another child and wraps it around his waist. He says a word beginning with "C".

Play continues until either all letters of the alphabet are used or until every child has a chance to play.

Talk about how we are all intertwined in God's web and how happy we are because of it. This is one of the bible games for children that you can talk about how God wants us to work together to glorify Him and how being intertwined with each other we are all connected together with God.

Candy Game

6 or more players
Need bag of candy with different shapes and flavors, paper plate.

This is one of the fun preschool bible games. Sit the kids in a circle. Let them each take a piece of candy then one at a time, have them place their candy on the plate.

This is one of the bible games for children where you can talk about how even though we are all different, we are all the same in God's eyes and how God loves us all so very much.

The Believers

8 or more players

This is one of the good biblical play ideas for kids fostering creativity. Divide the kids into 2 groups with an equal number of kids in each one. Have them sit on the floor facing each other.

One team will be the believers, the other team will be every day people the kids encounter. Let the everyday people ask questions of the believers. The believers answer their questions.

Talk about how believers influence every day people in the words and actions they speak and do throughout the day.


10 or more players
Need paper, pen, small basket

Beforehand, write numbers on various slips of paper, fold them and put them in the basket. Put the kids in a circle. Have one kid pick a slip of paper out of the basket and say the number aloud. The kids count off to the left of the person who picked the number until that number is reached.

That child tells everyone either how she recently forgave someone or how someone forgave her. That child then pulls a number out of the basket, the kids count off until they reach that number and that kid says how he was forgiven or how he forgave someone. Play continues until all slips of paper are drawn.

This is one of the bible games for children where you can talk about Jesus and how he forgave everyone of their sins. Talk about how forgiveness sets us free and helps rebuild friendships and family bonds.


Need construction paper, bible stickers

This is one of the fun bible school games and bible games for children that parents can do with their kids at home.

Cut strips out of the paper 8" long x 2.5" wide. Let the kids decorate their papers with different stickers. They may also color them with crayons. They can use their bookmark to mark their favorite verses in their bibles or use them in their favorite books.

Talk about how God is always with us in certain spots in our life, how he never leaves us and is our anchor.

I Know That Verse

6 or more players
Need paper, pen, small basket

This is one of the bible games for children that fosters team playing. Beforehand, cut the paper into strips. Take a long verse and write one word on a slip of paper. Continue writing one word on a slip of paper until the verse has been spelled out.

Let each kid come up and take a slip of paper and read the word out loud. He or she lays this paper on the table. The next kid goes and pulls out a slip of paper, reads the word and lays it on the table. Then the next kid goes.

The object is to put the slips of paper in order to form the correct sequence of the verse.

Scrambled Up

6 or more players
Need paper, pen, bowl

Beforehand, choose the Old or New Testament. For each of the books in that testament, scramble each one. The kids need to unscramble the words. You can play as teams with 2 equal teams and the team who unscrambles their words first is the winner. Or you can play individually with the kids taking a turn, pulling out a paper, and unscrambling that one themselves.

Have fun playing bible games for children throughout the year.

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