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Jesus Birthday Party

Bible games and puzzles help kids grow in the knowledge of God. This is a fun activity for home, church Sunday school groups and Catholic religion school classes.

This is one of the fun vacation bible school ideas. The week before Christmas, have a birthday party for Jesus.

Kids can bring in snacks, you can make cupcakes and hang banners around the room.

Let each child make a banner or birthday sign using construction paper.

Talk about Jesus's birth and how He changed the world. Talk about what Jesus was like as a child.

Then sing "Happy Birthday" and enjoy the snacks!

I Know My Bible Books

8 or more players

Divide the kids into 2 even numbered groups. The leader yells out a book of the Bible. The first player on team 1 has to name the book that follows that book. If she's correct, she moves to the back of the line. If she's incorrect, she's out of the game. Team 2 then plays. Play continues until one team has all players out. The team with players is the winner.


8 or more players

The leader shouts out 1 letter. The kids have to name 1 biblical person or event that starts with that letter. Play continues until all the letters of the alphabet have been used. Instead of shouting out, you can give kids paper and pencils and they can write their answers down. Once all the letters have been called, everyone can share their answers.

Puzzle Pieces

This is one of the fun bible games and puzzles that can be played as a competition or 1 child can complete the puzzle. If playing with teams, you will need 2 puzzles.

Write a scripture verse on a sheet of construction paper. Cut the verse out into different shapes and mix up. The kids need to put the puzzle back together. If playing as teams, the first team to assemble the puzzle wins. Discuss the verse after the puzzle is complete.

Picture Verses

Need construction paper, crayons

This is a nice art activity for school or home. Read a biblical verse together. Have your child draw it on paper. Discuss the art work and what the verse means to your child. Tell your child what the verse means to you.

Sheep Hear My Voice

8 or more players
Need handkerchiefs or bandannas

Divide the kids into 2 equal groups. All but one child in each group puts a handkerchief or bandanna over his eyes so he can't see. The children without the blindfolds are the shepherds. They stand on opposite corners of the room. At, "go" the shepherds must call to their sheep.

The sheep follow their shepherd's voice and make their way to that side of the room to stand by him. The team who does this the fastest wins. Talk about how we as sheep hear God's voice and how we are obedient in following Him. Talk about stray sheep and how God calls them back to himself. Talk about how the lost sheep can make their way back to God.

Have Supper With Me

This is a fun activity for home. Set 2 place settings at your dinner table. Let your child sit at one and have her pretend Jesus is sitting across from her. Have her talk to Jesus, ask questions and carry on a conversation with Him.

What Is It?

8 or more players
Need whiteboard, marker, paper, pen, basket

This is one of the fun bible games and puzzles. Beforehand, write biblical names or events on slips of paper. Fold them up and place in a small basket.

One at a time, each child comes up, draws a slip of paper and draws it on the whiteboard. Whoever guesses it is the next drawer. Play continues until all the slips of paper are picked and drawn.

We hope the bible games and puzzles for kids help you teach your students and your children fun ways to learn about biblical stories to encourage more faith filled days and nights.

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