Beanbag Game

The beanbag game is one of the fun indoor and outdoor party games and group games for kids.

If playing inside, you'll need to be in a large room with no breakable objects.

Be sure you can move things around to have a large open area for the kids to play.

You want the children to be able to move around freely without worry of them running into anything.

A large sheet of construction paper can be used and taped on the floor.

If playing outside, you can use chalk to make the playing area on the sidewalk or driveway.

The Pre-Show

2 or more players
Ages: 5 and up
Need bean bag, paper, crayon, tape


Make a large circle dividing it into 12 "pie slice" pieces. Each section needs to be large enough for the bean bag to fit on.

A smaller circle should be drawn in the center. This is the bull's eye.

Fill in the pie slice sections with numbers from 5 to 19. Write 20 in the bull's eye circle.

Make a line 5 feet from the playing area. This is where the kids will stand behind to play.

The first player stands behind the line and tosses the bag onto the playing field.

He receives the number of points where it lands.

If it lands on a line between 2 numbers, he gets 0 points.

To Win

The winner will be the player with the most points after a preset amount of time has passed.

Or, you can preset a number of points a player needs to reach before the game begins.

The winner will be the player who gets that number of points first.


This is also a good activity for elementary kids either in the gymnasium or on the playground for gym class or over recess.

You can break the kids up into teams.

The team with the most points after a set time limit has elapsed or a set number of rounds has been played are the winners.

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