Battleball is a team dodge ball game and one of the cool outside games for kids.


9 or more players
Ages 8 and up
Need: kick ball, chalk or sticks


Begin by making a playing field with chalk or sticks about 20 by 20 feet. Place the ball in the middle of the field.

Divide the players, except one, into 2 teams with an equal number of kids.

The one player left out will be the leader. For an even number of players, an adult will be the leader.

The players on each team count off numbers, beginning with one.

All players on both teams will have a number.

Teams line up on opposite sides, facing each other. The leader shouts out a number.

The 2 players with that number run into the middle and try to grab the ball. Whoever grabs the ball stands where he's at.

He now wants to throw the ball at the other player and hit her.

Do not allow rough play here. The ball should be thrown gently at another player.

You can make a rule where the ball can only be thrown at a person's legs or arms.

The other player can do whatever moves she needs to to avoid being hit by the ball while staying within the playing field.


If the player gets hit with the ball or steps out of bounds, the thrower's team gets one point.

If the player without the ball catches the ball (it can't touch the ground first) her team gets one point.

If the thrower throws the ball outside the playing field, that round is over. The leader then calls out another number and play continues.

If the ball hits the ground inside the playing field, the person not throwing has to give the ball back to the thrower and play continues.


The team who scores 21 points wins.

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