Basketball Steal

Basketball Steal is one of the fun outdoor games for kids and basketball games for kids.

This is a very active play idea and keeps kids on the move.

Another great activity for gym class.

Since you don't need a basketball hoop, it can be played inside or outside.

If this is not being played on a basketball court, you will need to draw a free throw line with chalk about 2 feet long.

Then draw a 2 foot wide circle about 15 feet from the free throw line.

Do a coin toss to decide who goes first.

Or play a game of rock, paper, scissors to determine which child will begin.

Before You Play

2 players
Ages 8 and up
Need: basketball


The first player stands at the free throw line with the ball and dribbles the ball to right under the basket (or the circle if not playing on a basketball court).

The other player is trying to steal the ball while the first player dribbles it.

The player with the ball must continuosly dribble it. No contact between the players is allowed.

The player dribbling can use only one hand at a time.

If she puts two hands on the ball, the other player gets to dribble and gets one point.

Also, if she stops dribbling at any time, her turn is over and the other player gets a point.

If she makes it to the circle (or under the basket) mistake free, she gets one point.

The Finale

Play continues until either a specified time has elapsed or a set number of points has been reached.

The first player to reach that number of points wins.

The player with the most points at the end of a preset amount of time wins.

Good luck and have loads of fun!

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