Baseball Card Game

The Baseball Card game is one of the fun outdoor games for kids. It can be played with other sports cards as well.

Boys, as well as girls, will have a good time flicking cards and exchanging cards.

They'll find this one of the fun activities to play outdoors.

Gather up your friends, and get ready for some good old friendly competition.


2 or more players
Ages 8 and up
Need: each player will bring some of his sports cards (not ones he doesn't want to lose!)


Begin with the players facing each other (if 2 or more, form a circle).

Each player holds his face up cards in his hand. The player with the lowest series number goes first.

Alternatively, you can do "Rock, Paper, Scissors" to determine which kid will begin.

Two players play at the same time.

The player who starts calls out "match" or "mismatch" and each player flicks his top card onto the ground.

If both cards land face down or face up, it is a "match." If one lands face up and one face down, it is a "mismatch."

If the person who called out "match" or "mismatch" is correct, he gets the two cards. If he is incorrect, the other player gets them.

Play continues for as long as the players want to play. They can set a time limit.

Each player can take turns calling "match" or "mismatch."

Players can also flick cards to see whose card goes the furthest.

The player whose card does, takes both cards.

If the kids don't want to lose their cards, they can be given back after a few rounds of the game have been played.

If not, make it known at the beginning that the cards you get in this activity are yours to keep.

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