Balloon Party Games

Balloon party games are great indoor, group and team building games for kids.

For playing inside, you'll need a large room that's empty.

If it's not, there's too much of a chance the children will trip over something.

Before You Start

4 or more players
Ages: 6 and up
Need balloon, paper, tape

Have Fun!

Begin by taping 2 sheets of 8 1/2" x 11" paper together. You'll need to do this twice.

Then tape each of these larger sheets of paper to walls that are opposite each other at eye level of the players.

Divide the children into 2 teams with the same amount of players. Players scatter about the room on their team's side.

2 players start the play in the middle of the room.

An adult hits the balloon in the air and the 2 players try to hit the balloon to a player on their team.

Teams want to get the balloon to touch the opposing team's paper taped to the wall.

If they do, their team scores a basket and gets one point.

Players cannot hold onto the balloon, they have to pass it back and forth between their teammates as they move down the playing field while the opposing team tries to steal it away while it's in the air.

No rough housing and no touching and grabbing other players. Balloons are fair play only when in the air.

When the balloon falls to the ground, play starts over again with 2 players going to the center of the room and an adult hitting the balloon to them in the air.


The winning team will be either the team with the most points after a preset amount of time has passed or the team who reaches a preset number of points (10 to 15) first.

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