Balloon Games

Balloon games are great teamwork games for kids and outdoor party games.

Teachers can use this in gym class for elementary aged school kids.

Try activities that involve something different than balls. This helps the kids beat boredom in play.

Or play it at the beach with your kids at an actual volleyball net! It's a different feeling playing on sand.


4 or more players
Ages: 5 and up
Need balloon, string, chairs


Begin by setting up the playing field. Place 2 chairs side by side about 7 feet apart with backs facing each other.

Tie the string to the backs of each chair. This is the net.

Divide the kids into 2 teams with an equal number of players.

They line up on opposite sides of the net and face each other.

One team starts with a player hitting the balloon, trying to get it over the net to the opposing team.

Her teammates can help her by hitting the balloon so it goes over the net.

No player may hit it more than once on her side.

When the balloon goes over the net the opposing team hits it trying to get it back over the net.

Once again, no player can hit the balloon twice.

When the balloon falls to the ground, a team can't get it over the net, or a player hits it twice, the team who did not make the mistake gets one point.

The opposing team then serves and play continues.

Players rotate each round so that each child has a chance to serve.

The End

The first team to reach 10 to 20 points (determine this beforehand) wins.

Younger kids will be good at 10 points and shorter play time while older kids can play longer and go up to the 20 points.

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