Balloon Game

The balloon game is one of the fun indoor party games and group games for kids.

Let the party begin!

Having different activities to play and things to do makes each party different and special.

Kids love to get up and moving with their friends, so be sure to have lots of play ideas in mind.

Give each child a balloon of a different color.

This way, they will be able to identify which one is theirs once play starts.

If you don't have different colors, write the kids' names on the balloons after they are blown up.

They can take them home with them once all the fun is over.


3 or more players
Ages: 5 and up
Need balloons


The players line up side by side on one side of the room.

The adult shouts, "ready, set, go!" and the players hit the balloons with their pointer (index) finger.

Players continue hitting the balloon - only with that finger - as long as they can to keep it in the air.

If a player's balloon breaks or falls to the floor, he's eliminated. The winner is the last player with it still in the air.

If you have a large group of kids at a birthday party, you can divide the kids into teams of two or three.

Each child can take a turn hitting the balloon with his finger to keep it in the air.

For group games, you can mark a starting point and an ending point.


To win this, each team member takes a turn hitting the balloon (only with his finger) and moving it up towards the finish line.

You can then have them come back the way they started.

The first team to make it back is the winner.

The first team whose balloon crosses the finish line wins.


Or make it a free for all and have any balloon up in the air for grabs!

Players can hit the closest balloon to them trying to cross the finish line.

The children will have lots of fun playing this!

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