Authors Card Game

Authors card game is one of the fun kids matching games. Collect chapters and win!

The rank of each card equals a different "author", and the suit is a "chapter" in an author's "books."

Each six card is one of the four chapters in Mr.

Six's book, each king stands for one chapter in the king's book.

The object of Authors is to collect all four chapters in as many books as possible (all 4 eights, jacks, etc.).

This may sound confusing at first, but just follow the rules closely.

Once you've played a few rounds, it should get easier. Have fun with it!


2 or more players
Ages 8 and up
Need standard deck of cards


Begin by each drawing a card from the deck. The player who gets the highest card shuffles and deals out the whole deck, face down.

Some players may have more cards than others. It's a good idea to sort your cards with the same value cards (5's, 8's) beside each other in your hand.

The player on the dealer's left goes first. If he holds any complete books, he lays them face up on the table.

He then asks another player for any one card that he needs to complete or help complete a book.

If he has the three of hearts, diamonds and spades, he'd ask for the three of clubs. If the asked player has the card, he has to hand it over.

The player who asked for the card goes again, asking the same player or a different player for another card.

If the asked player has the card, she gives it to him, and he adds it to his hand.

Whenever a player has a book, he lays all four cards face up on the table.

The asking player continues asking for cards as long as each player he asks has the card he asks for.

When he asks for a card and the person asked does not have it, his turn is over.

Play continues to the left, with each player, at his turn, laying down any complete books he holds and asking another player for cards he needs to complete books.


Listen to the cards other players ask for and cards handed over

When a player completes all books and no longer holds cards, she is done playing.


When all books are complete, the winner of Authors card game is the player with the most books.

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