Astride is one of the fun kids blacktop games and playground games.

Stop the ball or else you will be the one in the center of the circle.


6 or more players
Ages 4 and up
Need: kick ball or soccer ball


Begin with all kids, except one player, standing in a circle, arm's length apart.

Players stand with their hands on their knees and legs apart.

The player not standing in a circle stands inside the circle with a ball.

He starts the game by rolling the ball, at any speed he chooses, along the ground. The ball needs to stay on the ground.

His goal is to try and roll the ball through another player's legs.

The players in a circle can use their hands to stop the ball or may close their legs to stop the ball from going through.

The players must stand with their legs apart and hands on their knees until they see the ball coming their way.

Then they may try and stop it. After that, they go back to standing with legs apart.

If the player with the ball rolls it between a player's legs, he takes that player's spot in the circle, and the other player becomes the new roller.

You can play a certain number of rounds in this or set a time limit.

More Challenging

You can allow the players to stop the ball with their hands only, no using their legs!

Or, let them use only their legs and not their hands.

To make it even more challenging, have the kids stand with their backs facing the inside of the circle.

This is another good activity teachers can play at school. Take the kids outside or use the gym.

It'll test their strength and challenge their minds.

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