Around The World Game

Around The World Game is one of the fun outside and basketball games for kids.

Perfect your hand to eye coordination as you try to sink baskets in a row.

This is a good activity to be played in the gymnasium for gym class, too.

Students need good eye and hand coordination as well as upper body strength to shoot the basketball.

Besides the gym, this can be played in your driveway if there's room enough to make 7 different places to shoot from.

It can also be played on the playground.

Challenge your kids to a round to see who wins!


2 or more players
Ages 8 and up
Need: basketball, chalk


Draw 7 places in a semi circle.

In each place, write the numbers 1 to 7, with one number being in each place.

Keep in mind the childrens' ages to determine how far these marks should be placed from the basketball hoop.

The goal is for one player to be the first at making baskets from each of these points.

The first player stands at the first spot and shoots the ball towards the basket.

If she makes it, she moves on to the 2nd spot and so on.

If she misses a shot, the next player starts at spot one and play continues.

Players want to make as many baskets as they can so they can keep moving forward and shooting from different spots.

Once everyone has played a round, they start at the basket they missed in the previous round.

Once a player sinks the number 7 spot basket, she then goes to numbers 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1.

The End

The player who sinks all the baskets, from 1 to 7, and 7 to 1, first wins.

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