Apple Game

The Apple game is one of the favorite outdoor party and halloween kid games.

Relay races needn't be played with kids running around!

It sounds like they should be, but this fun acitivity puts a different spin on relays.

This has the kids standing still while still "running" a race against the other players.

An adult has to tie a string around each apple (the stem).

If it's too difficult, larger cookies can substitute for apples.

Then hang the apples or cookies so that they hang in front of the player's faces.

An outdoor clothes line works very well for this so it's best to play this outside.


2 or more players
Ages 5 and up
Need: apple for each player, yarn or other string


The kids line up in front of each apple or cookie and put their hands behind their backs.

The adult calls out, "Ready, set, GO!" and each player tries to bite into their apple or cookie.

The winner is the first person who eats most of the apple or the entire cookie.

Good luck!

For younger children, use smaller cookies as it can be difficult for them to eat an entire "big" cookie!

Plums are good, too, since they're not too big.

This may look easy, but when the clothes line is swinging from the kids, it's really not easy to get that cookie or apple in your mouth!

If it's too difficult for youngsters with their hands behind their backs you can let young kids use their hands.

Or maybe even just one hand. See what's easier for them. Play should be fun, so see what they want to do.

For older kids who want more of a challenge, you can use a handkerchief or bandana to blindfold them.

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