Apple Craft

The fun apple craft lets preschoolers learn red things.

It's one of the preschool craft ideas and toddler games that's educational and fun.

Preschool teachers can use this as one of their art activities for their children.

Sunday school teachers will also find this a fun activity. Use a heart and talk about love with them.


Ages 2 - 5
Need: paper plate, crayons, small piece of construction paper, glue

Have Fun

Give your child red crayons to color the paper plate.

When she's done, help her cut a stem out of construction paper to glue on top of the apple.

Talk about other things that are red with your child after he finishes his apple craft.

Strawberries are red, tomatoes are red, so is jello and koolaid.

Talk with your child about what two colors can be mixed to make red and let her color on a piece of paper to discover for herself.

Talk to her about red flowers such as roses, tulips and carnations.

Santa Claus wears a red hat and red suit. Rudolph has a red nose.Maybe her Christmas stocking is red or you put red lights on your tree.

Maybe your child has a favorite red shirt, sweater or pair of socks he can wear while doing this project.

Or she has a favorite red bow she likes to put in her hair.


This is also a good Valentine's day activity.

Instead of apples, have your child draw and color in a red heart.

Black Jelly Beans

Helps kids learn that color as well as guessing skills.

It's one of the fun math, preschool educational and toddler activities.


2 - 5

Explain to your child what the color black is. Let him see the different colors of beans and ask him to pull the black ones out.

Ask him to point out other things around him that are black.

As an extra activity, help him learn his counting by asking him to count the number of black beans as he pulls them out.

For young toddlers, you can count with them to help them learn.

Afterwards, let your child eat some!

Point out to her the different black objects that you have around your house.

Maybe your dog is black or your cat is. Maybe you have a black car.

You can also help you child learn how to count backwards by counting the jellies that she has pulled out.

Starting with ten, teach her how to count back down to 1.

Talk about how the sky is black at night.

Maybe she has a favorite piece of clothing that is black. Ask her to put it on and tell you why she loves it so much.

Give her a black crayon and ask her to draw a circle. Then give her other colors so she can see that black is darker than they are.

Tell him the pupils of our eyes are black and that they expand or recede depending on the amount of light that is focusing on them.

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