Alpha and Omega

Alpha and Omega is a fun alphabet game.

It makes for great camping and birthday party games for kids.

It can be played in the car as there's no paper and pencils needed.

This is great for family vacations and long car trips.

It's important to keep the kids occupied and engaged so they don't get bored.

Parents can have fun playing right along with the kids.

Enjoy, as you explore your language.

Get Started

2 or more players
Ages 6 and up


The object of this is to make word chains by using the last letter of one word to make the first letter of a new word.

Begin with the players selecting one category. Example, animals, flowers, food, athletes, singers.

Other categories can be sports, sports athletes, states, countries, and musical instruments.

Player # 1 picks a word that goes in the chosen category.

Player # 2 has to come up with another letter that fits in that category and that begins with the last letter of player # 1's word.

Example - the category is animals. Player # 1 chooses "ape". Player # 2 must come up with a word that begins with an "e".

He chooses "elephant." Player # 3 then needs to come up with an animal that begins with a "t". He chooses "tiger".

Player # 4 then has to think of a word that begins with "r". He picks rabbit.

The next player needs another animal that starts with the letter "t". He picks turkey.

Play continues in this manner until a player cannot think of a word, repeats a word or gives a word that doesn't fit in the category.

He is then out. The winner is the last player remaining.

Have fun playing with your friends!

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