4th Of July Parties

Summer is here, so fun 4th of July parties let kids celebrate with their friends.

Red, white and blue is the color scheme, so the party invitees should wear at least one of those colors, preferably all 3 colors!

July 4th parties can be held at your house, in a park, by a lake or on the beach.

It's warm weather in the United States this time of the year, so enjoy this patriotic holiday.

Let the kids decide where to have it as long as wherever they want to have it is convenient.

Enjoy the summer and have a bang of a party with your family and friends!

4th of July Parties Invitations

You can buy them, but making them is more fun! Buy different colors of construction paper and cut out some rectangle shapes.

Have your child add some lines and make the cut outs into flags. Write the party date, time, place and RSVP information on the invite. Your child can hand them out to her friends.

4th of July Food

Keep it simple with foods kids love - hot dogs and hamburgers! Put some on the grill and have plates with onions, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and chili sauce on them. Make some baked beans and macaroni and potato salads as side dishes.

Set out containers of relish, mustard and ketchup. Have bowls of chips and pretzels out as snacks. Make some lemonade and iced tea for drinks.

For dessert, make cookies with red frosting for half and blue frosting for the other half. (Add red and blue food coloring to the icing).

Or make red and blue iced cupcakes with miniature flags stuck in the icing.

close up of a flag showing 5 red stripes, 6 white stripes, and white stars on a blue background

4th of July Decorations

If you're at a lake or park you won't have to worry about having decorations. If you're partying at home, search your dollar store for red, white and blue garland.

Pick up some miniature flags (about the size of a straw) and place them around the room.

Get some red, white and blue balloons at a dollar store. And don't forget red, white and blue paper plates, plastic cups, napkins and tablecloths.

Get a couple white, red and blue flowers to put in colored vases and sit these around the room.

4th of July Games

Out of construction paper, draw a flag. Leave space between the stars - enough space to fit a slightly larger star. Tape this to the wall at child height.

Cut stars out of construction paper, you will need one star for each child. Secure tape to the back of each one, have the kids line up, blindfold them, spin them around and set them off in the flag's direction.

The object is for each child to put their star where the blank space in the star section of the flag is. The one who is closest gets to take the flag and stars home.

You can also have a card toss. Get red and blue backed playing cards and a picnic basket with a red, white and blue bow tied to it.

Have the kids stand two feet away and each take a turn at tossing a card into the picnic basket.

If a child misses the basket, he is out of that round. The child who is the winner is the last child that gets a card into the basket when the other kids have missed.

Kids can also play outside activities such as tag, have races, and play ball activities. Then end the evening by everyone watching the fireworks together.

4th of July parties are a lot of summer fun! Enjoy being out of school and spending time with friends.

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