21 Game

21 game is one of the cool kids outdoor games.

Don't go over 21 points or you have to start over!

Sounds easy, but as you begin to play you'll see that there's a good chance that you could go over!

This can be played on one end of a basketball court or a driveway, wherever there's a hoop.

You'll get on to it once you play it more, but it's still challenging!

Gym teachers can play this with their students for class or recess.

Play outside or indoors in the gym.

Pair the students up. Each team will get a chance to shoot baskets. Once they are done play continues with the next team.


2 players
Ages 8 and up
Need: basketball, chalk


Draw a free throw line about 15 feet from the basket.

One player will stand behind the line to shoot, the other player will stand under the basket.

The player with the ball shoots. If she makes a basket she gets 2 points. She can continue shooting until she misses a basket.

When a basket is missed, the other player tries to get the ball, dribbles it and shoots a lay up shot (the ball hits the backboard and hopefully goes through the hoop).

If the player makes the basket he gets one point. He then gets to stand at the free throw line and shoot.

If he misses the layup, the first player gets the ball.

Whoever reaches 21 points wins.

But if a player goes over 21 points, her score is wiped clean and she starts from the beginning.

Strategic play in this is important! If a player has 20 points he needs to be careful not to score 2 points or his score goes back to 0.

Then he has to start all over again!

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