20 Questions Game

20 Questions game is one of the fun kids travel games and guessing games that can be played anywhere.

You don't need paper, pencil or pens, so this is great for any time the kids are bored and need something fun and challenging to do.

Before You Start

2 or more players
Ages 8 and up

Start to Play

Begin with one player thinking of any object that is animal, vegetable or mineral.

Objects can be specific, such as "Aunt Agatha's cat Lucy", or general such as "a cat."

Animals mean living, breathing animals or objects made out of animals (fur coats, ham, etc.).

Vegetables are plants or objects made with plants.

Minerals can be anything that is not an animal or a plant. Minerals can be metals, plastics, or anything made from these (skyscrapers, airplanes).

The player states whether his object is animal, vegetable or mineral and the game begins. The players ask questions that can be answered yes or no.

Only twenty questions may be asked from all the players, not each player.

Players can take turns asking questions or talk amongst themselves to come up with questions to ask.

Ask a general question in the beginning (is it bigger than me?) and then get more specific as the play goes on.

If "yes" or "no" doesn't seem to fit the question, "maybe" or "sometimes" can be answered as well.

If a player takes a guess at the object, that counts as a question.

The player with the correct guess is the winner of that round and starts another round by thinking of an object.

If the object is not quessed after twenty questions, the asker tells the players the answer and gets to choose another object and be the asker again.

Choose the number of rounds to play or set a time limit.

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