2 Bases

2 Bases is one of the cool kids outside games and picnic games.

Get ready for some great outdoor fun with your friends as you see how many points your team can score.

Before You Start

8 or more players
Ages 8 and up
Need: softball, bat, chalk or sticks


Make or mark two bases - home and first base about 30 feet apart. First base is to the right where it normally is.

A player is the pitcher and stands about 15 feet from home base. The catcher gets behind home base.

Another player gets up to bat at home plate. The rest of the players spread out among the playing area.

Play begins with the ball being thrown underhand to the batter. The batter can swing at any ball she wants to.

If she doesn't hit the ball, hits it to the side or behind her, that is a strike. 3 strikes and a player is out.

If she's out, she changes places and goes into the field. The catcher now bats and the pitcher takes the catcher's place.

A player from the field is the new pitcher.

If a player hits the ball he has to run to first base and then back to home base.

If the ball is hit in the air and caught, the batter is out.

He's also out if a player in the field throws the ball to the catcher whose foot is on home plate before the batter can run back to home base.

If the batter makes it back to home base, she gets a point and bats again.

Play continues with every player getting a chance to bat.

The End

The winner is the player with the most points.

Good luck with being the top player! You'll find this a nice, fast-paced activity.

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