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The kids games ebook is here!

You asked for an eBook of activities from our site that could be downloaded for convenience, printed off and taken to the playground, school or used at home.

Thanks to your suggestions, we now offer our readers a variety of ebooks with fun play ideas for pre-schoolers, pre-teens and teenagers.

"Thanks so much for making an ebook! I used it for party activity ideas."

"We've been waiting for this! We use the pre-school learning ideas ebook a lot!"

We've included hundreds of activities offering hundreds of hours of fun play time for children of all ages.

You'll get games including:

  • abc
  • birthday party
  • Christmas
  • math
  • driving
  • outdoor
  • halloween
  • cooking
  • indoor party
  • relay
  • picnic
  • spelling
  • outdoor kids camp games
  • reading
  • spy
  • team building
  • water

. . . and lots more!

Your Kids Games Handbook


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13 chapters include these activities:

Chapter 1 - Brain
Chapter 2 - Car
Chapter 3 - Card
Chapter 4 - Hide and Seek
Chapter 5 - Paper
Chapter 6 - Party
Chapter 7 - Relay Race
Chapter 8 - Sidewalk
Chapter 9 - Sports
Chapter 10 - Swimming
Chapter 11 - Table
Chapter 12 - Tag
Chapter 13 - Word

"The car games are great and kept our kids entertained on a recent trip." Melissa

"Love the sports games. There's lots of ideas to keep the kids happy!" Marissa

We listened to all your suggestions and are now offering separate party and sports activities ebooks that can be conveniently downloaded and printed off.

Birthday Party Games for Kids

You'll find 24 fun party activity ideas for ages 4 - 15. These are included in our "Your Kids Games Handbook" ebook.

Party Games for Kids


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Sports Entertainment Ideas

You'll get 36 activities for ages 4 - 15. These are included in the big kids handbook of activities.

Sports Games for Kids


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Preschool Learning Activities

For our preschool and daycare teachers, we're now offering our preschool learning ebook, for children ages 2 - 5 as a convenient download. There's 56 little kids activities. These games are not included in "Your Kids Games Handbook".

Preschool Learning Games


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Download your kids games ebooks now! They're in PDF format and easy to download.

Start playing cool kids games today!

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