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Have a Fun Family Night

Getting the kids off the computer and interacting with friends and family is extremely important.

Take at least one day a week and plan a family game night.

Each week mom, dad or one of the kids can pick a game the family will play. Set aside at least one hour and gather around the table as a family.

Turn off the television, cell phones, and the computer.

Hasbro has been making fun family games for years! They make it easy for families to have fun, laugh together, and play together.

These games are great fun and classics many parents will remember playing when they were little.

You'll love Operation, Sorry, Mouse Trap, Yahtzee, Scrabble, Trouble, Monopoly, and Candy Land!

Make game night fun. Have some snacks, relax with each other, and focus on what is truly important in life - the ones you love.

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