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Kids board games are great activities both parents and kids can play together.

Fun board play ideas can be taken in the car for long drives or when you go on vacation so the whole family can play.

These bring back the good old days when families sat around the kitchen table and played together.

With so much family time today being spent online, playing videos, and being on cell phones, it's nice to get the family together, unplug the electronics and have fun together.

You'll find classic, brain, and guessing activities, and activities played with dice and cards here.

You'll recognize old favorites and will want to try some new ones.

Schedule an activity night and sit the whole family down for some big laughs and lots of fun.

Once a week (or at least once a month), a different family member can pick an activity, and that's what the family will play that night.

You can also pick two and make a whole fun-filled evening playing together!

Order some pizza, grab some drinks and make fun family memories. It's important to have fun together as a family.

Table games have been around a long time, parents have probably played these that their kids are playing now.

These are nice Christmas or birthday gifts for kids, are portable and can be moved from room to room, used on car trips to keep the kids occupied and used to fight off the rainy day blues.

We are Amazon's affiliate and offer a nice selection of games the whole family will enjoy.

We receive a small commission on each purchase which helps us to maintain our site.

Make it easy on yourself for holiday shopping. Order online and have them come to your house.

How much easier can it be?

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